A Spirituality Without Religious Extremism (for Freethinkers)

Last updated this page: April 2, 2019

“Spirituality is about being awake. It’s the attempt to transcend the mundane, sleepwalking experience of life we all fall into, to tap into the wonder of being a conscious and grateful thing in the midst of an astonishing universe. It doesn’t require religion. ”

~ Dale McGowan

What is the Difference Between Religion & Spirituality?


Here's the List of CONTENTS of
Spirituality to Choose from on this Page:

1.) Atheist / Agnostic Assemblies (church-like)
2.) Christian Naturalism
3.) Paganism: Naturalistic, Humanistic & Atheopaganism
4.) Philosophical Taoism
5.) Progressive Christianity
6.) Secular Buddhism
7.) Scientific Pantheism
8.)Spiritual (Reverent) Agnosticism9.) Spiritual Humanism
10.) Spiritual  / Religious Naturalism
11.) Stoicism
12.) The Greater Good Science Center
13.) Unitarian Universalism
See immediately below for further information of each one...

(1.) Atheist -Agnostic -Humanist  Assemblies /Church-like Communities:

A.) "The Sunday Assembly"
(Co-founded by Pippa Evans & Sanderson Jones)

* About Sunday Assembly (scroll down)
News article / News Broadcast 
  - Facebook 

  - Start one in your area!
- (nearest Assembly in my area is Halifax, NB: Web Site / Facebook)

B.) Hope After Faith /  Jerry DeWitt

- Hope After Faith (book)

- Hope After Faith The Podcast (also on Spreaker)

- You Tube

- Facebook (main) and Facebook (Listener Page)

- Twitter

D.) The School of Life / Alain de Botton
- Web Site (Alain de Botton / The School of Life)
- You Tube (The School of Life)

(2.) Christian Naturalism

"Christian Naturalism" is a branch of "Religious / Spiritual Naturalism." It is important to note that while Christian Naturalism has an appreciation for the teachings of Jesus, etc. it is still completely "naturalistic" in its approach.

  - Naturalistic Spirituality - (SNS)

A leading example of a Christian Naturalist would be: Micheal Dowd (Also known as an Evangelical Pentecostal Naturalist)

  - Blog: "New Theists. Knowers, Not Believers"

  - You Tube Facebook

(3.) Paganism: "Naturalistic, Humanistic & Atheopaganism"

To start...What is the Differnece Between

* Humanistic Paganism:
* Naturalistic Paganism:
    - Naturalistic Paganism (web site)
*What is Atheopaganism?  + HERE
    -   Web site  + Facebook page

(4.) Philosophical Taoism

There is both Religious & Philosophical sides of Taoism. Obviously, its the "Philosophical" side of Taoism that I would be more inclined to.
(NOTE: The Tao Te Ching itself is said to be one of the greatest works of literature and spiritual teaching...and it can be read from a purely 'naturalistic & philosophical' perspective.)
- Taoism 101 (by SNS)
- What is Tao? (by SNS)
- What is Tao?
NOTE: Although the above video is presented more from the "religious" side of Taoism, is a great video to give an idea of Taoism just the same. 

(5.) Progressive Christianity:

(6.) Secular Buddhism:

(7.) Scientific Pantheism:

(To understand a variety of different types of Pantheism, click HERE.)
1.) World Pantheism (Scientific Pantheism):  
     * About  / *Home Page
     * FAQ's   *You Tube Channel
2.) Pantheist Net:  
     * Home page  / *About 

(8.) Spiritual Agnosticism

(Also known as "Reverent Agnosticism")
- Reverant Agnosticism (video below)

(9.) Spiritual Humanism:

 Click here  to listen to a sermon called "Good Without God" (by Rev. Barbara Prose)

(10.) Spiritual/ Religious  Naturalism

Spiritual Naturalist Society (SNS)
*  Facebook: page & group 
Other Forms of Spiritual Naturalism:
(for more info see section called: "Paganism: Naturalistic, Humanistic & Atheopaganism")

(11.) Stoicism

- About Stoicism (SNS)

- Stoicism as a Spiritual Path (SNS)

   (More info to come: HERE)

View another (yet old) video talk on Stoicism HERE

12.) The Greater Good Science Center

(13.) Unitarian Universalism

"Unitarian Universalists are diverse & inclusive."
Beliefs & Principles:
- Principles of Unitarian Universalism
- What Do UU's believe / FAQs:
 (see here 1,
here 2 , here 3)
Why Pray? (video)
Other UU Churches: (not listed on above links)
1.) All Souls Unitarian (my personal favourite)
    * web site  * you tube playlist 
2.) Church of the Larger Fellowship
    * web site  * facebook 
3.) North Shore Unitarian Church
    * web site  / spirituality for freethinkers
4.) The Washington Ethical Society
    * web site / about 
4.) Unitarian Church of Dallas
    *web site / Basics of UU (video)
Click HERE for more sermons from
"All Souls Unitarian Church."
"Love is My Religion"

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