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   I just want to clarify, that although this page may focus more on the negative & contradictory side of the Bible, please understand that I recognize that there are some good parts in the Bible too. (Love your enemies, do good, forgive, etc.) However, "those parts" are obviously not related to my de-conversion... ;0)

"An Honest Search for Truth"

PART 1 , 2-1, 2-2, 3, 4, 5, 6-1, 6-2, 7-1, 7-2, 8
The video above is part 1 of an 8 part series called "An Honest Search for Truth."
This series is one of the best video presentations that one will find on-line that addresses some of the inconsistencies, contradictions & immoral acts condoned in the Bible. These reasons (among many others) help clarify why I can no longer accept the Bible as a sacred text or as a guide to true morality & goodness...let alone, ever except the Biblical view of God.
(To watch the whole series, *CLICK HERE*)

Biblical Contradictions, Errors, & Interpolations

1.) The Clear Contradictions, Errors & Changes made to the Bible by Scribes & Translators:
101 Bible Contradictions (by Shabir Ally
* New Testament Contradictions (by Paul Carlson)
* The Problem of Interpolations in the Bible (by Ben Love)  ... "Interpolation" defined HERE + a few more examples  HERE.
* Bible Self Contradictions (Derrick Miller)
* Can God Change His Mind? pt 5 of 8 (video)
* Does God Lie or Can He Be Involved With Deception? pt 4 of 8 (video)
* DEBATE: "Are the Gospels Historically Reliable?"  (Bart Ehrman vs Mike Licona)

Myths, Folklore
& Pseudo-Science:

1.) HELL: (these links come from a Christian perspective)

  - The Origin of Hell

  - The Church's Development of the Hell Myth

  -  5 Reasons Christians Are Rejecting the Notion of Hell

  - Does the Bible Teach Eternal Torment? (my old web site when I was still a Christian)
- Sermons by Bishop Carlton Pearson:
    "To Hell With Hell" (2018)


   - A Response to Scientific Creationism

   - Rebuttal to 101 Evidences for Young Earth

   - Debate: "Creation vs Evolution" (Bill Nye  vs       Ken Ham  -- video 2.5 hrs)

 Misc Claims:

*On February 22, 2016, reports came in about a miracle that happened on a highway near Memphis, TN. Many say, the Word of God was preserved by the very Hand of God. But was it? (See video below...)

 Bible Atrocities

1.) Morality & The Biblical God:

- An Honest Search for Truth (8pt mini series) * This is my favorite video series on the topic!

- The Golden Rule & Christian Apologetics
    (by Edward T. Babinski)

- Morality of the Christian God  (7min video)

 - 10 Shocking Bible Verses (10min video)

2.) Bible Condoning of Murder / Genocide and Human / Child Sacrifice, etc:

- Slavery  (pt 1 of 8)

- Old Testament Murder & Genocide (1st half & 2nd half)

- The Value of a Woman (pt 3 of 8)

- Temptation & Testing (1st half) & 2nd half)

- Vessels of Destruction (1st half & 2nd half)

*  Biblical Genocide & Murder  (Explanations like this one (by William Lane Craig) defending Biblical genocide is no defense at all. (Rather see Rev. Lavanhar's sermon on "The Temptation To Be Good.")

* Is the Biblical God Evil? (9 min video)

* What's the Point of Jesus?  (Bart Campolo)

3.) Other Atrocities in the Bible:

* 10 Biblical Atrocities That Go Overlooked: 

part 1  part 2  (by "Real Bible Stories")

*  List of Intolerance in the Bible (by S.A. Bible)

*  List of Bible Atrocities (Donald Morgan)

What Kind of God? (by "Liberals Like Christ")

Witches Put to Death in Name of God  (Wiki)    See: Exo. 22:18 ; Lev. 20;27

Other Problems:

Further Research:

*Anthony Magnabosco  (YouTube playlist)
*Religious Tolerance
*Was Hitler an Atheist or Religious? See here 1, here 2, and here 3 (-Wiki).
  • This is Circular Reasoning!
    This is Circular Reasoning!